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Whitehaven Receptions

Whitehaven Receptions is a luxurious and peaceful venue offers a harmonious atmosphere and excellent service with a very personal approach. A funeral service at Whitehaven can provide you the possibility to create a very personal occasion in celebrating the life of a loved one. Contact Lincoln Family Funerals on 9333 0997 for funeral costs.

Whitehaven Receptions Large Room Lincoln Family Funerals
Whitehaven Receptions
Large Room

At Whitehaven we are dedicated to providing family members and friends a secure, compassionate and serene environment to grieve the loss, as well as celebrate the life of a loved one.

The Yan Yean Cemetery is a 3 km journey from Whitehaven. After the final farewell the people can then return to Whitehaven for the Wake.
We invite you to contact us with your questions, as we are glad to arrange a tour of our elegant facilities and assist you in the arrangements.

Please phone for further information on costs and times available: Tel: (03) 9333 0997