Repatriations Lincoln Family FuneralsRepatriations. This is the act of taking home the body or human remains of someone who has died or been buried in a foreign land.
With today’s ease in covering great distances, it’s common to travel, study, work or retire in a place other than your country of birth. If a death occurs in any of these circumstances, we can provide you with expert services to bring your loved one back to Australia or send them interstate or overseas for interment.
Many Australians have family members living overseas. When a death occurs, one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make, especially if your loved one’s wishes are not known, is whether to lay them to rest in Australia, or send them to be interred close to family overseas. Some decide to send deceased relatives back to their native land for interment. Others have them buried in Australia but then decide to exhume and repatriate them many years later.

Regulations and Requirements for Repatriations

Repatriations requires Consulate, Medical and Coroner documentation, travel arrangements and compliance with health regulations. The person to be repatriated must be embalmed and placed in a hermetically sealed metal liner inside the coffin for travel to be permitted. Documents may need to be translated. A consignee is appointed to take responsibility for the deceased upon arrival in the destination country.