More and more people are using the planned and prepaid funerals idea to ensure peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones and knowing that they can depart this world in the way they want to.

Funeral Bonds

Prepaying your funeral can can help provide your family with a sense of security, knowing that the needs of you and your family will be looked after.
After a death in the family, many people understand how much easier it would have been if the arrangements had been spelt out in advance. At Lincoln Family Funerals, individuals can pre-plan their funeral so they don’t leave their families concerned about expenses.

What is a pre-paid funeral?

When you prepay your funeral, you purchase your funeral service at today’s prices with the funeral director of your choice. You and your funeral director will determine your funeral requirements, which will then be formally documented in a contract. This can relieve an enormous amount of emotional and financial strain from your family.
Planning your funeral can simply begin with a discussion with your family about the various arrangements you may require. A sensible time for this is when you are determining your Will. Through an honest discussion, you can ensure that yours and your families wishes are considered. Your family will also be aware of what is required of them when the time comes.

Why Do Familes Choose Prepaid Funerals?

Your family!

The most important reason for making your arrangements in advance is to relieve your family of the emotional and financial task of organising your funeral. With so many decisions to be made, it makes sense to make these decisions in a relaxed environment, through a plan which your family will appreciate.

Financial advantages!

A pre-paid funeral plan also provides you with several financial benefits. Your funeral arrangements will be purchased at today’s prices and you will not need to pay any more even if prices rise. If you wish to change your arrangements however, additional costs may be involved.

Protection against inflation!

It makes a lot of sense to purchase your funeral at today’s prices, when you consider the long term effects inflation can have on the price of so many goods and services. The Funeral Bonds will keep on accruing interest over the years, protecting both you and your funeral director.

Peace of mind!

We all have special wishes as to how we would like to be buried or cremated. Pre-planning your funeral gives you the opportunity to attend to these details confidently, without any unnecessary pressure. Your family will know that your funeral will truly reflect the way you would like to be remembered.

How can I make payments?

Payments can either be made as a lump sum or by regular contributions. So that we can guarantee you receive the service outlined in your plan and to guarantee your fixed price funeral, full payment will need to be made.

How is the money managed?

With Lincoln Family Funerals, your prepaid funeral monies are invested in your name with Australian Friendly Society Limited. The Society is associated with Bendigo has been caring for the needs of Australians for over 50 years. For more information regarding Australian Friendly Society’s funeral bonds  click here.

What legal documents will I receive?

As part of a pre-paid funeral arrangement, you will receive a funeral contract, which lists all the prearranged services agreed upon.
The legal contract will contain all the services selected and paid for such as:
•    Coffin/Casket details
•    Burial or Cremation Deed details
•    Advertising
•    Clergy/Church /Organist details
•    Flowers
•    Certificates
You will also receive a copy of your Certificate of Membership confirming the registration of your policy.

Australian-Friendly-Society-funeral-bonds and prepaid funerals

What if I change my mind?

Lincoln Family Funerals have an established reputation of qualified service. Their aim is to ensure your wishes are met at all times. You have a 30 day period to consider your contract and change your mind if you wish. You may cancel your contract within the 30 day cooling off period by notifying Lincoln Family Funerals in writing. Your contract is cancelled and you will receive a full refund from Australian Friendly Society.

Feel free to contact us on 1300 761 461 for more information about Pre Paid Funerals.