funeral celebrantsFuneral Celebrants

The role of Funeral Celebrants is to meet the bereaved family members to help them plan, organise and lead a funeral or memorial service for their loved one. The celebrant will help the family to write a highly personal, professional and dignified service that family, friends and loved ones will be proud of. They plan a service which is representative of the unique character and life of the individual. The Celebrant will lead the service but family and friends are encouraged to take an active role in both writing and presenting the eulogy, choosing and or delivering readings, adding or taking part in special rituals during the service if desired.

Lincoln Family Funerals will assist your family in booking a celebrant which we feel will be best suited to you. We will recommend a celebrant who we feel will be best suited to honour the life of your loved one. Alternatively, you may have a celebrant in mind that you wish to lead the funeral service, we will contact your celebrant and co-ordinate the bookings to ensure the celebrant is able to lead the service.

Once the celebrant has been booked, they will make contact with the family and make a time to meet to discuss the content of the service.

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