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Whether the passing of a loved one is sudden, or you knew it was something that was going to happen in the near future, the death of someone you love dearly can be extremely difficult to deal with.  Quite often with emotions heightened at this difficult time it can make decisions regarding planning a funeral service extremely hard. Lincoln Family funerals offer Pre-paid and Pre-arranged funeral plans. Thinking ahead allows you to make personalized decisions about your funeral, choosing specific items such as: Cremation or burial, location of cemetery or crematorium, style of coffin or casket and colour of preference, celebrant or priest to lead the service, selection of music, flowers, poems and readings.

We all have special wishes as to how we would like to be farewelled and remembered.

By pre-paying or pre-arranging your own funeral gives you the opportunity to attend to these details confidently without any unnecessary pressure.

The most important reason for making your arrangements in advance with Lincoln Family Funerals Northern Suburbs is to relieve your family the task of organizing your funeral. With so many decisions to be made, it makes sense to make these decisions in a relaxed, stress free environment.

Pre-paid funerals are your funeral arrangements purchased at todays prices. The money is invested and you will not need to pay any more even if the prices rise. A pre-arranged funeral is organizing the funeral you would like and the choices you make are fully documented however no money changes hand until the funeral time.

Your family will know that your funeral will truly reflect the way you would like to be remembered as you chose the way you wanted the service to be.
Don’t hesitate to call Lincoln Family Funerals Northern Suburbs on 9333 0997 to discuss all aspects of Pre-paid funerals and pre-arranged funerals.

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