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We at Lincoln Family Funerals Fawkner pride ourselves in offering our families a superior service at an affordable price. We service the Fawkner area, in particularly services at Fawkner Memorial Park and Crematorium. Fawkner may be the chosen resting place for your your loved one and or a family grave may already have been purchased in the past. The staff at Lincoln Family Funerals Fawkner can assist to locate a grave that may already be owned, we show our families all options available to suit their needs. Quite often a service may be held outside of the Cemetery, therefore either just the Cremation or burial will take place in the cemetery.

Funeral Directors Fawkner Joyce Chapel, Fawkner Memorial Park
Joyce Chapel, Fawkner Memorial Park

At Fawkner Memorial Park there is also the option of holding a funeral service in one of their recently renovated chapels, including the Cordell Chapel, Joyce Chapel and the Crick Chapel. Each of the Chapels has state of the art sound systems and audio visual equipment where you can play a DVD presentation to reflect on your loved ones life.

Fawkner Memorial Park and Crematorium is located at 1187 Sydney Road Fawkner.

If it is a burial you require with a new grave, the new Fawkner Cemetery is called the Northern Memorial Park. This is located off Box Forest Road, Glenroy. Although Northern Memorial Park is a fairly new cemetery, the grounds are quite established and is a lovely place to lay someone to rest. Monumental Graves, Headstone Lawn Graves, Plaque Lawn Graves, Raised Beam Lawn Graves, Children’s Lawn Graves, Vault Graves and Crypts are all available options at Fawkner.

The Commemoration Centre is the perfect place to hold a wake at the conclusion of the funeral service.

Don’t hesitate to call Lincoln Family Funerals Fawkner on 9333 0997 for any information regarding tailoring a funeral to suit your needs,