Fawkner memorial park entrance1187 Sydney Road,
Fawkner, Victoria 3060
Website: www.fcmp.com.au
Telephone: 9355 3100

Map of Fawkner

For over 100 years Fawkner Memorial Park has been serving the people of Victoria. The cemetery opened in 1906, with the first burial taking place on 10 December 1906, and is arguably Australia’s largest cemetery.
Services and facilities available at Fawkner Memorial Park include burial, cremation, mausolea, memorials, funeral venues and function facilities.


Fawkner has three chapels – The Joyce, The Cordell and The Crick.

The Joyce chapel Fawkner Memorial Park
The Joyce chapel

The Joyce & Cordell Chapels both have seating for for 140 people with more standing room under the portico.

The Crick Chapel Fawkner Memorial Park
The Crick Chapel

The Crick Chapel has seating for 70 people with
standing room for around 50 people inside the foyer and also standing room outside under the portico.

Burial Options

monumental graves at fawkner memorial parkThe following burial options are available at Fawkner Memorial Park:

Lawn graves with plaques
Lawn graves with headstones
Monumental graves

grandmother and granddaughter at grave at Fawkner Memorial Park


There are also special areas of Fawkner Memorial Park set aside for the burial of young children, or the placement of their cremated remains. These areas are commemorated with a range of plaque and headstone memorials.



Fawkner Mausoleum Chapel
Fawkner Mausoleum Chapel

Divided into colonnaded wings,  our Holy Angels Mausoleum complex blends contemporary design with the oldest of interment practices. Influenced by the great architecture of Europe, the complex uses colonnaded walkways, sweeping staircases and stained glass to create an aura of reverence. The building is finished in the highest quality materials including imported marble and fittings. Individual crypts hold up to four caskets.
Every crypt is finished with a vase and lamp.
The Chapel of the Archangel Gabriel is now
complete. This is the third and final stage of the
Holy Angels Mausoleum and has added almost 2,000 crypts to this magnificent complex, making it one of the largest in Australia.