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The compassionate staff at Lincoln Family Funerals are highly experienced in all aspects of Funeral Services in Melbourne including: Cremation, Burial, Repatriations, Exhumations, Memorial Services, Chapel Cremations, Church Services, Graveside services, Cremations and burials for children and babies, Catholic funeral services, Orthodox funeral services, Christian funerals, Hindu funerals, Buddhist funerals, Sikh funerals, Witness Cremations & Non-religious funerals. We have a number of Funeral Packages available to suit every need.

Celebrate a Life Lived

“What a weight to have lifted off our shoulders to finally start taking care of our own funeral arrangements. This is all to keep our children, and each other, from having to make hard decisions when either of us passes away. The feeling of relief we had after we had prepaid our funerals was like a load lifted from our shoulders. We can now go on planning the rest of our lives and not our death.”

Planning for your funeral

Whether you’re planning for yourself or for a loved one, the funeral service is one of the most important elements of a person’s final arrangements. We all plan for things that we don't want to happen.  We pay for fire insurance, flood insurance and many other things that we hope we will never have to face.  But here we are knowing that one day our time will come. So now is the time for us to start planning for that other thing we hope never happens, but most definitely is going to.  With the opportunity for great personalisation, the funeral service can truly reflect the uniqueness of the life it honors. Regardless of whether you or your loved one have opted for burial or for cremation, the funeral or memorial service fills an important role. As funeral directors, we are here to help you every step of the way. It's your choice. Having a funeral service for your loved one can:

  • Honour, recognise and celebrate the life of the deceased
  • Allow friends and family to say their last goodbyes
  • Provide closure after the loss of a loved one
  • Allow friends to console the family of the loved one

So what is a funeral and where will it be held? In general terms, a funeral is a gathering of family and friends after the death of a loved one that allows them the opportunity to mourn, support each other and pay tribute to the life of the deceased.

Prepaid Funerals

Why do people choose to prepay their funeral?